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The Power of Your
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Companion Double CD set
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the nine tools

The Nine Foundation Tools CD
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"Dear Dr. Reznick,
We very much enjoyed your presentation at Westland. My husband and I purchased the Healing Pond CD. We already had your book. Since your presentation we have been using the techniques with our 7 year old daughter every night before bed. She loves it and has not had a nightmare, claimed to be scared at night, or come into our bed once. This used to be a common occurrence. It has also been a nice bonding experience for my husband and daughter to share this time together before bed. It used to be all about mommy and now she forgets to even ask for me to come tuck her in because she's too excited about spending time in her special place."
Stefanie Klein, LCSW and Bob Glouberman

“Charlotte Reznick expresses herself in a way that makes the listener feel very special and cared for. Her ... words and imagery provide a backdrop of shelter and safety where nothing else intrudes ... and no matter if you are a child or grownup, a space is created where you can truly “let down” and relax you mind and body.”
Senior Editor, CNE Magazine
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“I have to tell you that of all the childrens' meditation CDs I have heard, yours are the best. Your music background is great and your voice is wonderful too. Thanks for doing such a great job.”
Linda Damon, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

“These CD's are really good for children who are overly busy and feel stressed. I really enjoyed them ... I felt very soothed and safe... I am going to listen to them often, because they made me feel good and helped me to be much more relaxed after school.”
Junior Editor, CNE Magazine
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Each CD is recommended as Excellent Listening
“A tool to last a lifetime”
by The Messenger Magazine: A Guide to Life's Adventure (2006)


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The Cave of Great Wisdom CD
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Kids Relaxation Trio
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Magical Garden CD, Heart Lovey, and Special Place CD. Help your child develop the inner resources to cope with life’s challenges!
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Climbing a Mountain of Success CD
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Creating a Magical Garden
& Healing Pond CD
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Discovering Your Special Place CD/Tape
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“Listen to your heart . . .”
Heart Lovey
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