Early Praise for Dr. Charlotte Reznick and The Power of Your Child’s Imagination:

“As a skilled psychologist, Dr. Reznick draws from her wealth of experience to offer children and parents a treasure trove of skills to relieve stress. She presents well-written, easy-to-follow tools to use in every situation. From visualization techniques to breathing exercises, Dr. Reznick taps the power of a child's imagination to ensure kids achieve peace and success.” Judith Orloff, M.D., author of Emotional Freedom

“This is one of the most important books ever written, because it teaches you how to teach your kids to deal with fear, anger, anxiety, illnesses, losses and relationships in positive and healthy ways. Imagination is what makes humans different from all other creatures, yet nobody ever teaches us how to use it. Dr. Reznick, who has taught thousands of kids to use their imaginations for health and wellness, shows you how to teach your kids to use their mind/body connection to relax, sleep, study, heal and have healthy responses to life's emotional challenges. EVERY parent, educator and healthcare worker should read this book.”   Martin L. Rossman, M.D., author of Guided Imagery for Self-Healing

“The Power of Your Child’s Imagination is one of the best and creative books for children that I have read. Dr. Reznick clearly “gets” children and understands their fears.  In this book she provides the tools for children to empower themselves to climb out of fear, stress, and pain through their own imagination. This book can guide parents in how to help their children feel good about themselves and competent in the face of stressful situations and internal fears. This book is a “must” for all families with children.” Lonnie Zeltzer, M.D., Director, Pediatric Pain Program, Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA

“Charlotte Reznick’s book, The Power of Your Child's Imagination, is well written and eminently usable. It fills a gap that has existed far too long. Imagery is a powerful tool for healing at all ages, and children have the greatest ability to utilize it. Every helping professional and every parent needs to learn these skills. I know of no better way to learn them than through this fine work. Congratulations, Charlotte!” Emmett Miller, M.D., author of Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind/Body Medicine and Our Culture On The Couch

“Charlotte Reznick has been a gift to so many of my patients, providing children and their families with a unique set of skills to address stress and solve issues.  Now this toolbox is available to everyone. Parents will thank her for this inventive way of helping their children.” Cara Natterson, M.D., author of DANGEROUS or SAFE? Which Foods, Medicines and Chemicals Really Put Your Kids at Risk

"Dr. Charlotte Reznick's book, The Power of Your Child's Imagination, is a treasure chest of imagery-based interventions that can help parents deal more effectively with common childhood challenges. As Dr. Reznick advocates, teaching children to utilize the power of their imagination gives them critical tools for achieving success in all that they do. Every parent should familiarize themselves with the information contained in this book." David E. Bresler, Ph.D., LAc., President of the Academy for Guided Imagery and founder and former Executive Director of the UCLA Pain Control Unit.

“The power of our imaginations to quickly and dramatically change our lives is profound.  Charlotte Reznick makes this process clear, easy, and magical for children and the adults who love them.”  Mimi Doe, Founder of www.SpiritualParenting.com, author of 10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting. (HarperCollins)

“Marvelous!  Dr. Charlotte is an inspired wizard who has shared with us this book, which in actuality is a treasure chest containing nine sparkling gifts of many colors. These tools can be amazingly effective when wielded by our children’s powerful imaginations and incredible wisdom.” Ran D. Anbar, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, SUNY Upstate Medical University

“This book is a must read for parents and pediatric healthcare professionals who want to help their children cope with stressful life events.  The Power of Your Child’s Imagination offers parents an opportunity to partner with their child and guide them in creative problem solving.  Dr. Reznick provides the reader with heartwarming scenarios that demonstrate children’s ability to use their imagination in creating their own healing.” Myra Martz Huth, Ph.D., R.N., Assistant Vice President, Center for Professional Excellence, Research & Evidence-Based Practice Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

“As a pediatrician, families commonly ask me ways to help their child cope with stress and anxiety. After reading Dr. Reznick’s book, The Power of Your Child’s Imagination, I feel that I am better equipped to assuage their concerns. Dr Reznick lays out 9 simple and fun steps that anyone can follow to help their child cope with life’s toughest moments. The book not only teaches invaluable lessons but takes the reader on a wonderful journey that is whimsical and fun—how could talking to animal friends, wizards and even your own toes not be. As I learned how to tap into these magical imaginary worlds I found myself daydreaming, actually alleviating my own day’s stress. I think every parent and child can grow by utilizing Dr. Reznick’s techniques.” Scott W Cohen, M.D., FAAP, author of Eat, Sleep, Poop, pediatrician and co-founder Beverly Hills Pediatrics

"Dr. Charlotte has given us all a treasure trove of gems brilliantly designed with heart, care, and wisdom. Each of her nine tools are sure to be used in much the same way as an artist would use the primary colors on her pallet to create a masterpiece of success and joy.  The rewards are received as soon as you open the book, open your heart, and receive the inherent gifts of unlimited imagination." Joyce C. Mills, Ph.D., LLC,  founder of the StoryPlay Center, Scottsdale AZ, and co-author of the award winning Therapeutic Metaphors for Children & the Child Within

“The tools offered by Dr. Charlotte are lovely, effective, and very user friendly — parents will find the tools and their applications to be very helpful in guiding their children toward mastery in helping themselves.” Daniel P. Kohen, M.D., F.A.A.P Director, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Program; Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Family Medicine & Community Health, University of Minnesota; Past-President, American Board of Medical Hypnosis

“Dr. Reznick's book is an invaluable gift that offers self-care tools that creates a ripple effect of healing for both parents, children and the generations to come.” Terry Reed. R.N., M.S., HN-BC, co-director of Beyond Ordinary Nursing, co-author of Guided Imagery and Beyond

"Learning to care for oneself, particularly in times of stress, is a key ingredient of emotional intelligence. Dr. Reznick has written a clear and concise blueprint for parents to teach their children how to use their imaginations to cope with both common and uncommon problems.  Translating years of clinical experience into a readable and practical format is no easy matter, but Dr. Reznick has created a simple format that nearly every parent can follow and nearly every child will enjoy. I would particularly recommend this book for children with anxiety disorders and fears. The nine tools that form the foundation of the book would be invaluable in teaching children emotional management." Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D., author of How to Raise a Child with a High EQ: A Parents' Guide to Emotional Intelligence

“Dr. Reznick’s wonderful book provides an innovative approach to help children work through stressful times.  The Power of Your Child's Imagination guides parents using practical tools to allow children to discover their potential and explore the inner tools we all possess. An important addition to your parenting library!” Lauren Feder, M.D., author of Natural Baby and Childcare and The Parents' Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations

“The ability to imagine, visualize and create are becoming increasingly important in our changing world. These are skills children will need to cope and achieve success in the future. This is truly a book that prepares children for the future. I highly recommend it for both educators and parents.” Robert W. Reasoner, retired school superintendent and president of the International Council for Self-Esteem

"Finally a guide for parents that moves beyond child psychology and organized religion as guideposts for ensuring a child's emotional health and moral compass. In The Power of a Child's Imagination, Dr. Reznick gives us the tools to access and care for the very essence of our children's being: their soul. A must for any parent who knows that fortifying our children's inner resources is the deepest expression of our love for them." Vivian Glyck, author of The Tao of Poop: Keeping Your Sanity and Your Soul While Raising a Baby and founder, www.JustLikeMyChild.org

"I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Charlotte Reznick's new book, The Power of Your Child's Imagination, and I believe that parents and health care professionals alike will find this book an invaluable resource and guide which offers simple tools to help children cope with stress and anxiety by unleashing the power of their own imagination to feel strong and confident.  I've used Dr. Reznick's CD, Discovering Your Special Place, A Soothing Guided Journey to Inner Peace, with many hundreds of my patients over the years, with wonderful benefit to the children and their families.  Her new book adds an important dimension... it empowers parents to participate directly in helping their children and, at the same time, it will painlessly remodel and enhance their parenting skills." Jim Tipton, M.D., Pediatric Gastroenterology, Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles

"This unique and groundbreaking book takes us deeply into the inner worlds of children. Majestic in its simplicity, classic in its wisdom, Dr. Reznick shows how to be the best parent, teaching children the tools, through imagery, to take charge of their own lives in the greatest way possible. We highly recommend it." Charles D. Leviton, Ed.D., Patti Leviton, M.A., Synergy Seminars, providing training and certification in the art and science of Guided Imagery



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