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“Dr. Charlotte Reznick’s wealth of expertise in meditative techniques, combined with her deeply empathic presence, makes her group participants feel safe and supported at all times. I consider her to be a master clinician. ”— Ping Ho, MA, MPH Director, UCLArts and Healing

Dr. Reznick speaks to professionals in the U.S.
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...and meets with kids while training professionals in Seoul, Korea

(Presentations can range from one hour lectures up to three-day workshops
and can be tailored to meet each group's specific needs.)

Topics :

  • Mindfulness, Meditation, and Imagination: Creating Resiliency in Children (more info)
  • Imagery For Kids: Breakthrough For Learning, Creativity, and Empowerment (more info)
  • Healing Children Through Imagery (more info)
  • Imagery As A Therapeutic Tool With Children
  • How To Be Your Own Stress Reduction Therapist (more info)
  • Self Esteem: Challenge For Empowerment
  • Adolescence: A Look Forward
  • Other topics on request

Comments From Organizers :

"Dr. Reznick is a wonderful insightful speaker. Not only does she share incredible helpful and insightful information, she also actively engages the audience through practical exercises. I truly enjoyed her talk and learned about helping kids as well as myself. Her CDs are incredible - my kids relax listening to "Discovering Your Special Place" CD which helps them to fall asleep."
Ysette Witteveen
Parent Education Co-Chair, Franklin Elementary School

"The world is a better place because you're in it." I told my son this wonderful saying given to us by Dr. Charlotte Reznick when she presented "Creating Resiliency in Children" to the parents of Marquez Charter Elementary School. My son asked, "I am?" I answered, "You sure are!" and he boldly smiled. The training Dr. Reznick provides is vital to children's psychological and physiological growth as little people destined to obtain greatness. If only children could reach inside themselves, into their heart and mind, and pull out the missing pieces in life in order to share them with others and build a better world. Well, this is the brilliant vision of Dr. Charlotte Reznick as she selflessly spreads her message on Imagery for Kids.
Shirah Chante
Marquez Charter Elementary Parent Education Coordinator

Dr. Reznick's parent education expert talk was wonderful! Her warm and playful approach with children and adults alike is incredible to see. I loved hearing about her use of mindfulness and imagery to assist in building resiliency in children. Throughout her talk, Dr. Reznick was engaging and able to quickly establish rapport with all of the parents. We cannot wait to have her back.
Rebecca E. Eberlin, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
UCLA Family Commons

"Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation at New Roads. It was great to reconnect. And I look forward to using the CDs with my son."
Josie Breger LCSW
Counselor and Parent

"Dear Charlotte: Thank you so much for speaking at The Westland School. The parents throughly enjoyed your talk and came away with an abundance of tools that they can put to immediate use in their parenting challenges. Your style was both informative and engaging and people really enjoyed themselves. Thank you so much."
Christine Steele
Head of Parent Education

"Your knowledge, warmth, humor, and connection with the audience makes your presentations simply amazing! On behalf of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association, I would like to extend a warm and sincere THANK YOU for your wonderful and memorable presentation."
Kathy Khoie, Ph.D.,
LACPA's Brown Bag Lunch Series Coordinator

I can't thank you enough for your workshop presentation Sunday. It was informative, applicable, and fun. Your expertise shined in every aspect of your presentation and we are grateful for your participation and generosity of spirit. Wishing you much success in your continued endeavors."
Lynda Levy, M.A.,
Vice President & Program Chair, LA-CAMFT

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for a marvelous presentation. I heard nothing but wonderful things about your talk and how great you are!!!!! Needless to say, we will be knocking on your door next year."
Patti and Chuck Leviton Ed.D.,
Synergy Seminars
Fountain Valley, California

"On behalf of the interns and trainees at the Antioch University Counseling Center I want to express my thanks for your presentation on Imagery For Kids. Your presentation was extremely well thought out and the experience so positive ... the guided imagery and drawing experiences were also very powerful in both demonstrating the tools and helping the therapists access their own inner resources. I look forward to working with you in the future and watching your ideas take hold in the AUCC trainees."
Bonnie H. Wolkenstein, Ph.D.,
Director Antioch University Counseling Center
Marina Del Rey, California

Comments From Participants :

“I attended your recent workshop at UCLA and LOVED it. Have been using the tools with my clients and my nieces with fabulous results. Am also enjoying the book, thank you for sharing this incredible information.”

~ Erica DeSanto, MFT

"Your workshop today was absolutely wonderful! I loved your stories and your great techniques. And of course, your loving heart really shone through. I'm so glad I had the chance to see you in action! You were awesome!"

~ Dr. Darlene Mininni, Author of The Emotional Toolkit

"Thank you for such a wonderful workshop this weekend! I can already see many ways to use your Nine Tools in the classroom as well as in my private practice. I am absolutely devouring your book, and love the way it links imagination and the body. You speak my language, as I am always looking for gentle, body-centered ways draw out the greater potential in my students and clients. Please count me in for any advanced trainings you may offer."

~ Deborah Scott Studebaker, Writing Teacher and Kinesiologist

"Loved the workshop. Amazing presentation tools."

~ L.B., Parent

"Thanks so much for a great afternoon. I'll be back!"

~ M.R., MFT

"Thank you, thank you!!! Please let me know if you do any other workshops."

~ E.W., Writer/Actress

"I'm so excited to read and take the book with me today. What a motivator and great idea.... I could take these quick, simple tools to use next week with my 'little clients'. Very inspirational and healing."

~ M.M.A., MFT Trainee

"Thank you for the workshop. I learned a lot today."

~ NG-M., Teacher Assistant

"Wonderful pack-filled with useful ideas. I am looking forward to put them into practice with my groups right away."

~ N.S.

"I loved ideas of how to work with groups of children in preschool settings."

~ D.E., Parent Educator

"Thank you. Great practical tips, plus book for details and depth."

~ A.T., Parent

"I loved seeing all the art examples and doing the experientials. Very user friendly."

~ J.S., MFT Intern

Comments after Dr. Reznick's workshop at UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC)

More Comments From Participants :

"Excellent. Best of weekend!"

"Great Work. Thanks for sharing."

"Easy to feel your love. Thank You!"

"Loved your use of humor and artwork."

"Thank you for helping our children heal."

"Wonderful stories of case examples to illustrate techniques."

"Very dynamic speaker. Interesting. Helpful suggestions, techniques."

"She's amazing. Should be experienced by anyone who works with children."

Comments after Dr. Reznick's Keynote Address to the Academy for Guided Imagery's Annual Conference, Co-sponsored by Beyond Ordinary Nursing and Imagery International Asilomar, California

"Outstanding human being, teacher, communicator. Very useful/effective/enjoyable! Wow."

"You are great. How wonderful that your spirit and love is available to children to help them bring out theirs."

"This was a great session! Very practical and helpful. I'd like to work with Charlotte again. Please bring her back."

"This was terrific. I feel inspired and confident in working with imagery and kids and I also (during the guided imagery exercise) resolved the personal problem that had been bugging me throughout the conference."

Comments above are from Dr. Reznick's presentation to the Psychology of Health, Immunity and Disease Conference The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine Hilton Head, South Carolina


The challenges of growing up in today’s rapidly changing society are enormous. Children need to be equipped with skills for survival and growth that were never before imagined. One of the most effective ways to reach our youth is to create an emotional encounter that touches their hearts and souls, a compelling experience that will motivate them enough to change. Through mindfulness, meditation, and imagination practices, kids can not only survive in our fast-paced, complicated techno world, they can thrive and realize their potential throughout their lifetime.

In this experiential presentation, based on research and clinical case studies, we will explore how mindfulness, meditation, and creative imagination strategies can help kids access their own wisdom and develop and trust their intuition to find their own best answers and build emotional resiliency for the 21st Century.

We’ll cover how to help kids…

  • Manage anxiety
  • Transform fears (including fears of the future, fears of death, fears of loss)
  • Handle anger, hurt, and frustration
  • Overcome sleep disturbances (insomnia, bedwetting)
  • Cope with death, divorce, and other losses
  • Reduce headaches, stomachaches, tics, and other somatic symptoms
  • Achieve peak performance at school and in sports
  • Live peacefully with siblings and parents
  • Love, accept, respect, and appreciate oneself

In addition, we will also share:
  • The latest research on mindfulness, meditation, and imagination strategies (MMI)
  • Motivating kids to use MMI techniques
  • How to help kids use MMI to experience and express feelings to reduce emotional stress
  • Using self-suggestion to make MMI more effective
  • MMI strategies to help children cope with crisis and traumatic events
  • How kids can use MMI "on the run"
  • How to match different types of MMI with different temperaments and situations

After this workshop, you will have the skills to help children and teens develop and trust their intuition through mindfulness, meditation, and imagination that will empower them to face and transform life’s challenges.



Children today are under tremendous stress, facing unprecedented problems in our complex and often confusing world. Frequently children are ill equipped to cope with the challenges in their lives. They have difficulty making friends; they waffle under peer pressure; they are undone by sibling rivalry; they have trouble keeping up academically. Many families are strained by conflict or separation. Yet, regardless of these circumstances, Dr. Charlotte Reznick calmly affirms that all children can learn to help themselves.

In this experiential presentation, Dr. Reznick will draw upon her highly praised Imagery For Kids program. She will demonstrate innovative techniques of guided and interactive imagery, enhanced by music, relaxation skills, drawing, and journal writing. Further, Dr. Reznick will integrate research with her clinical experience to reveal how a host of emotional, behavioral, and learning concerns are effectively addressed by imagery.

Participants will gain a practical overview of Dr. Reznick's philosophy and tools. Parents and professionals alike will immediately begin to help children and adolescents relieve stress and boost self-esteem; calm hyperactivity; increase concentration and academic performance; decrease anger, aggression, and acting-out behaviors. Children can learn to feel safe, overcome fears and school-phobia, cope with loss, develop their creative expression, and trust their inner resources to make healthy life decisions.

The Healing Power of Children's Imagination

Dr. Charlotte Reznick maintains that all children hold within themselves profound imaginative and healing abilities. In this rich visual experiential presentation, Dr. Reznick will illustrate how techniques of her innovative Imagery For Kids program can awaken the inner resources children need in order to manage and deal effectively with the stresses of physical and emotional illness.

Participants will learn the steps to Imagery Treatment with Children, including breathing techniques, progressive muscle relaxation, music and drawing applications, non-dominant and dominant writing. An array of creative tools for guided and interactive imagery will be offered, including the "balloon" breath, discovering one's "special place," receiving "gifts," "talking" to body parts, encountering a "personal wizard" and "animal friend," and using "color" for healing.

    Participants will learn methods for :
  • Healing somatic illness (headaches, stomach-aches, bedwetting, encopresis, tic disorders)
  • Healing pain and anxiety due to illness and medical procedures
  • Healing past abuse (emotional, physical, sexual)
  • Healing sleep disorders

With this groundwork, professionals and parents can teach children and adolescents how to apply these successful techniques to their own lives, enabling them to understand and participate in their own healing.

How To Be Your Own Stress Reduction Therapist

STRESS affects every aspect of family life: Health, Achievement, Happiness! In this presentation, you'll learn how stress can be effectively addressed and transformed by the positive power of imagination. Using simple, practical, and easily implemented tools, we can:

  • Recognize, understand, and release stress
  • Discover imagination tools to transform anxiety and worry
  • Introduce these techniques to our children

You will have skills to transform STRESS, anxiety, worry, and empower the children and families in your life.

a selection of Past Appearances :

  • International Association for Jungian Studies Psyche and Imagination Conference University of Greenwich London, UK
  • Asian Pacific Psychology Association Peace and Hope Counseling Center Seoul, Korea
  • National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM) Hilton Head, South Carolina
  • Psychotherapy Networker Annual Conference Washington, DC
  • Univ. of Minn. Center for Spirituality & Healing, American Imagery Institute, Continuum Center Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 2nd Annual North American Conference on Children's Spirituality Institute of Noetic Sciences, Child Spirit Institute Pacific Grove, California
  • 17th Annual Conference: Imagery, Creativity, and Community - (Keynote Address) Sponsored by: Academy for Guided Imagery, Beyond Ordinary Nursing & Imagery International Asilomar, California
  • First Natural Parenting and Family Expo Whole Children Whole Planet Los Angeles, California
  • International Association for Interactive Imagery Asilomar, California
  • American Association for the Study of Mental Imagery Irvine, California Hempstead, New York
  • Academy for Guided Imagery Advanced CertificationTraining San Francisco, California
  • International Hypnotherapy Conference Glendale, California
  • International Congress of Hypnosis San Diego, California
  • American Board of Hypnotherapy Irvine, California
  • California Psychological Association Annual Convention San Jose, California
  • Synergy Seminars Costa Mesa, California
  • National Association of School Psychologists New Orleans, Louisiana
  • California Association of School Psychologists Annual Conferences: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Pasadena, Anaheim, San Jose, Irvine, California
  • Los Angeles County Psychological Association Los Angeles, California
  • The University of Judaism Los Angeles, California
  • Antioch University Counseling Center Marina Del Rey, California
  • Open Paths Counseling Center Culver City, California
  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Los Angeles Chapter, Beverly Hills, California San Fernando Valley Chapter, Woodland Hills, California Long Beach Chapter, Carson, California
  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists CAMFT 5th Annual Conference San Jose, California
  • Association of Humanistic Psychology Third Annual International Conference Northridge, California
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Staff and Faculty Counseling Center Los Angeles, California
  • Children's Hospital and Health Center San Diego, California
  • Tiverton House UCLA Medical Center Los Angles, California
  • UCLA Ties for Adoption Los Angeles, CA
  • St. John's Hospital and Health Center Pediatricians Santa Monica, California
  • Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Physicians and Hospital Staff Los Angeles, California
  • Sharp Hospice Care Healing the Bereaved Child San Diego, California
  • Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) Culver City, California
  • Los Angeles Unified School District School Psychologists Annual Conference Studio City, California
  • Los Angeles Unified School District Psychologist Special Trainings at: Central Support Center, South Support Center East Support Center, Special Education Center Los Angeles, California
  • UCLA, Graduate School Department of Psychology Los Angeles, California
  • Fremont Union High School District Administrators, Staff Sunnyvale, California
  • California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools Los Angeles, California
  • The Growing Place Day Care and Nursery School Staff, Teachers Santa Monica, California
  • Los Angeles Unified School District "Sowing Seeds of Hope" Best Practices in Counseling Resource Fair Los Angeles, CA
  • Los Angeles Unified School District Special Education Teachers, Elementary Counselors Los Angeles, California
  • Franklin Avenue School Parents, Teachers, Staff Santa Monica, California
  • Kenter Canyon Elementary School Parent Education Seminar Brentwood, CA
  • The Oaks School Parents, Teachers, Staff Hollywood, California
  • Carlthorp School Parents, Staff Santa Monica, California
  • Pluralistic School #1 Parents, Teachers, Counselors Santa Monica, California
  • Pressman Academy Middle School Parents, Students, Staff Beverly Hills, California
  • Crossroads Middle School Parents, Staff Santa Monica, California
  • Phoenix Bookstore Santa Monica, California
  • Maple Counseling Center Beverly Hills, California
  • Independent School Counselors Association Los Angeles, California
  • Association of Educational Therapists Bel Air, California
  • California Association of Independent Schools North Hollywood, California
  • Aerospace Corporation El Segundo, California
Imagery For Kids

“Simple, practical, brilliant. What a wonderful world it will be when all families give their children the gifts presented in Dr. Reznick’s book. Joy, success . . . and health and happiness are just around the corner!” — Harvey Karp, MD, FAAP, creator of the book & DVD The Happiest Toddler on the Block

“Dr. Reznick offers a revolutionary approach for parents to help their children handle fears, worries, and self- doubt. Her simple, accessible advice allows kids to develop their self- esteem while creatively tackling problems. This book is a must- read for any parent who hopes to arm their child with the tools to handle life’s daily struggles.” — Jack Canfield, coauthor of The Success Principles™ and coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series

“This is a wonderful guide for anyone raising children in a stressful world. I’m looking forward to practicing Dr. Reznick’s strategies with my own daughters as they grow and become more aware of life’s everyday pressures.” — Mallika Chopra, coauthor of 100 Questions from My Child and author of 100 Promises to My Baby

More praise for Dr. Charlotte Reznick and The Power of Your Child's Imagination — Click Here


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